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Pap Souleye Fall is a Senegalese-American artist who lives and works in Dakar, Senegal. He graduated with honors from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a degree in interdisciplinary Fine arts with a concentration in sculpture. In 2017 after a residency at WAAW he participated in the Dak’art biennale twice. Currently working on an African manga called OBLIVION ROUGE published with Saturday AM. Souleye is in the Yale sculpture program finishing his masters. His work deals with identity, suspended disbelief, and utopian/ dystopian ideas on community.

Pap Souleye Fall's work develops the language of sculpture and painting through happenings, installation and wearable objects. As an exploration of devotion, he uses the symbol of the compass to explore a narrative of escapism within “Blackness”. Using suspended disbelief and Utopian/ Dystopian ideas on commodity, he explores exile, abandonment, and transformations of the body through collecting found objects he uses to construct skins, and moving monuments.



Currently finishing masters at Yale School of the Arts 

BFA in Fine Arts (concentration in Sculpture) from The University of the Arts (UArts), 2017.


Awards/ Honors 

2021, Alice Kimball Travel Grant (Yale)

2017, Florence Whistler Fish Award for Student Excellence (UArts)

2017, Sculpture Faculty Award (UArts)

2017, Philadelphia Sculpture Award (UArts)

2014, Crozier Prize Fund for Outstanding Achievement by a First‐Year Student (UArts)


(X=Exhibition, PER=Performance, IN=Installation, RES=Residency, INTRN=Internship PUB= published)


PUB. My footprint entertainment inc. @saturday_am Online platform, OBLIVION ROUGE manga 


X. 2020, RAW Materials Company, Great Masquerade, Dakar Senegal: March Zine


​PER. 2018, Sur Le Canal de la Gueule Tapée, Médina Sénégal: Fréquence Pinton


X. 2018, Waru Studio, Mermoz Senegal: The View from Here 

X. 2018, Gallery Ethiopique, Saint Louis Senegal: Domu Duk

RES. 2018, WAAW, Saint Louis Senegal

X. 2017, Moore Gallery, Philadelphia PA: 5 into 1

X. 2017, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA: Emerging Artists of Philadelphia

PER. 2017, Terra Hall (UArts), Philadelphia PA: First World

X. 2017, Aronson Gallery (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Teacher don’t teach me nonsense.

PER. 2017, Broad St, Philadelphia PA: Suffring n’ Smiling

PER. 2017, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA: Missdick Vibrocus Vitch-boul Ra Stroke Yureka Cash

PER. 2017, Studio II (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Brutal Beasts

RES. 2017, Haystacks Mountain School of Crafts, Coast of Dear Isle ME

X. 2017, Gallery One (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Naked Quarantine

X. 2017, Circle of Hope Gallery, Philadelphia PA: Black Arts Festival

X. 2017, Sculpture Gallery (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Gone in 60 Seconds

X. 2016, Great Far Beyond Gallery, Philadelphia PA: Take Me with You

IN. 2016, 16th St and Vine St, Philadelphia PA: Yellow Sail

X. 2016, New Boone, Philadelphia PA: Powdered Mass

RES. 2016, Tyler Summer Intensive Painting/ Sculpture Program, Philadelphia PA

X. 2016, Goldilocks Gallery, Philadelphia PA: For Sport

X. 2016, Solmson Court (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Nega

X. 2016, Aronson Courtyard (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Nega Altar

X. 2016, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA: Art Unleashed

X. 2016, Gallery One (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Manifestation

X. 2015, Circle of Hope Gallery, Philadelphia PA: Millennium Oblivion

X. 2015, Gallery One (UArts), Philadelphia PA: Gallery One Show I

X. 2015, Fine Arts Painting Gallery (UArts), Philadelphia PA: African + American

INTRN. 2015, Alex de Corte, Philadelphia PA

IN. 2014, Empty Lot on Broad St and Washington St, Philadelphia PA: Pap is Space

INTRN. 2014, Curlee Holton, Easton PA

X. 2014, Portlock Black Cultural Center, Easton PA: Enter PEM

IN. 2013, Wilson St, Kent OH: Loss of Innocence


From Senegal, West Africa. Lives and works in Dakar, Senegal

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